Inspired by the interaction between science & tradition, we have developed technologies to utilize the African Baobab fruit for developing healthier foods, nutraceutical, and skincare applications.  

The mission started when our founder, Arwa Mustafa, planned to maximise the use of the favourite fruit from home country, the Baobab fruit, which was named by EFSA (The European Food Safety Authority) as a novel food in Europe in 2008, thanks to its nutritional properties.  

Today, we are unlocking the baobab frontiers through science & research. We have established our innovation and R&D platforms supported by a solid intellectual property strategy. 



Our products are based on the nutritious baobab fruit that is rich in dietary fibres, polyphenols & antioxidants, as well as minerals e.g., calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium.

Together with its unique physiochemical properties, it sets the base for a healthier plant based product.  Our first product to the market is a savoury sauce, that is based on 3 major ingredients, lower fat content and it is clean labelled.

The future of baobab is promising. The global baobab market is expected to grow to over 10 billion USD in 2027. Rendering over 300 products and employing over 2.5 million households in Africa.



Thanks to our unique technology we can utilize all parts of the fruit. The fruitpulp is used to develop a range of food categories and nutraceuticals and foods for health prevention. We recover the side stream from the food production line to recover oil for skincare application, using sustainable technologies. We have finalised the research on how to further use the press-cake after the oil production as well as the shell of the fruit.  



En överblick över ARWA FoodTech produktionsled med Baobab som ger nyttig mat och livsmedel, hudvård och olja.


Our market research shows that there is growing need for nourishing and healthier plant-based products. Many vegan or plant-based products today contains                 E-numbered additives, and those are not favoured by the health-conscious consumers (HCCs), whom are in the rise.  

The future of health is food and we need a circular food supply chain. We believe that innovation is the key to change. The food industry needs to commit to a healthy and sustainable food production. 


en bild på insidan av en baobabfrukt där man ser fruktkött som används till nyttiga livsmedel




Arwa FoodTechs resa att ta baobab till marknaden


This sauce is our first product that is ready for market. It gives anything from vegetables to meat a fresh lift and contributes with nutrition and great taste from the baobab fruit.

In comparison with similar products already on the market our Creamy Baobab has lower fat and is free from chemical additives. It is a delicious, natural and healthy sauce for all your foods – inspired by science and innovation.




The creamy cooking sauce is exactly what it sounds like – plus the benefits of the baobab of course. A cooking sauce without chemical additives or preservatives, for cooking delicious and creamy sauces, soups and other dishes.

While carrying all the natural nutrition, fibres and mineral benefits of the fruit it aims for a tastier and healthier cooking experience. Ready to be used, and loved, by vegans, non-vegans and health conscious foodies.



The oil of the baobab fruit is extracted from the seeds which are separated from the fruit and pulp used in our other products.

It has a unique combination of three fatty acids and other compounds making it beneficial for skincare with moisturising and healing effects. This makes the oil a great base for skincare products

The baobab oil naturally promotes skin health, while at the same time contributes to a sustainable use of the entire baobab fruit. Making the baobab production chain circular and valuable.